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Cause I want it all or nothing at all...

It was the summer that saw O-Town's hit single "All Or Nothing" debut on May 8, 2001 and spend eleven weeks on Billboard's
Top Pop Songs. The hist song reached #1 the weekend ending July 28th and less than two weeks later an Internet webseries
would debut with the same name.

August 09,2001 marked the production date of Episode 001: Pilot Episode. The series produced one-hundred and twenty
episodes before concluding it's first run on October 10, 2006.

The series ran for five consecutive years, however for storyline purposes only three years passed in the fictional River's Edge.
Within their world the years 2001-2004 occurred.

The 2009 relaunch of the series picked up in present day and the series was afforded a five year time jump from Episode 120:
Wake Me Up When Septemb to Episode 121: If I Could Turn Back Time. The series timeline is now in accordance with physical
date and time.
Archive Episodes: 2009-Present