April Dawn Bradshaw was born into the lap of luxury as the youngest child of Andrew Bradshaw and his now ex-wife
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw. April much like her aunt Angela grew up a shy, timid and quiet. In elementary school she
    developed a close friendship with Josh Marshall who was also quiet and reserved. Their friendship began to change as
    they entered high school. April began to distance herself from Josh and she quickly emerged as one of the most popular
    girls in high school. In 2001, April followed in the footsteps of mother and won the title Miss River's Edge beating out her
    sister Jodi and now step-sister Kendra Logan Bradshaw who were both seniors. After she won the pageant April's
    popularity skyrocketed even more and she lived it up to the fullest - Josh's warnings be damned. April soon set her sights
    on football star Rodney Russell who was also a Senior at the time. On a Friday night after a football game Rodney asked
    April on a date and she accepted. That night they had sex at Stewart Lighthouse in Rodney's car. Weeks later she
    discovered she was pregnant.

    Originally April decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until she was able to tell Rodney what had happened. When she
    did break the news to him he denied his daughter and threw April out of his car. Devastated by Rodney's reaction she
    turned to her grandmother who she thought would help. Pamela offered a heartbreaking option for April: abort her
    pregnancy or leave River's Edge to have the baby and then give it up for adoption. At the time the family was going
    through Andrew and Natasha's divorce, Phillip's death and the mayoral election - Pamela assured April she would be
    considered a disappointment. Pamela told her that she would do nothing more than humiliate her parents. After
    struggling with her choices April elected to do none of them and told Pamela she wouldn't abort her child or leave town.
    Pamela however had already made the necessary arrangements at a facility in New Mexico. She took her granddaughter
    there against her will and with legal consent from Andrew or Natasha. Before Pamela left that day she issued a stern and
    cruel warning to April: she either was to give the baby up for adoption or not bother eve coming back home to River's
    Edge. Pamela branded April an embarrassment to the Bradshaw family.

    April soon adjusted to her new life in New Mexico and believed that what Pamela had told her was the truth. Because of
    this April made no effort to leave New Mexico or even contact her family. Two months had passed when April had a visitor
    - Josh Marshall who had ran away from home in search of April.

    Almost immediate April noticed something different about Josh's personality and behavior. She pressured him multiple
    times to let her know what she could to help him with whatever he needed - but he insisted that nothing was wrong.        

    Josh who had told April that he wanted to marry her and adopt her child as his went back on his word which only crushed
    April's spirit. She questioned his love and devotion to her unclear of what was going on. Josh assured her he did in fact
    love her very much, but not in the way that she wanted him to or the way he wanted to. Josh revealed to April that he is gay
    and that was the reason he couldn't marry her. April immediately accused Josh of having lead her on and lying to her the
    same way Rodney had done. April insisted that Josh leave immediately and once he did she defied Pamela's
    instructions. Eight months pregnant April returned to River's Edge. Her first order of business upon her return was to
    confront Pamela. A much more fearless and strong April emerged as she went toe-to-toe with her Grandmother and
    issued her own warning - that Andrew would be outraged by Pamela's actions if he were to ever find out. April told
    Pamela she intended to have the baby and raise it alone if need be.

    April gave birth to her daughter Emily Rose Garrett in June 2002.

    April returned to college and began to build a life for her daughter. She opened a coffeehouse near Southern River
    University with Jodi, It was at the coffeehouse that she first met STU student Smoke Fowler. When Smoke asked April out
    on a date she at first said no but with some pressure from her sister April finally agreed. April and Smoke went out on a
    few dates before April revealed that she had a daughter. The news caught Smoke off guard and he abruptly stopped
    seeing April. Eventually though Smoke came around and told April he was wrong and that he shouldn't have freaked out
    the way he did. April assured him that Emily was her first priority and that would never change.

    Rodney's sister Katie Russell returned to River's Edge after she learned the truth that her brother was in fact Emily's
    biological father. Desperate and embarrassed by how Rodney had treated her years earlier April confessed the truth to
    her brother Jered about who the father really was. Jered, April and Josh came together and fabricated a story that made
    him Emily's father and not Rodney. When April presented this story to Katie she became unhinged and kidnapped Emily.
    The kidnapping of Emily Bradshaw brought back painful memories for Andrew, Natasha, Pamela and Jillian Malone.
    During the ordeal April turned to Smoke who became her steadfast support and she began to see him in a very different
    light. Eventually Katie returned Emily to her mother and was later declared mentally unstable. The morning after Emily's
    kidnapping April heard a voice that asked her to "let me help." April didn't hear the voice after that morning and thought
    nothing of more it.

    Tragedy struck the Bradshaw family the night of April sister's wedding when her brother Jered and his wife Kendra were
    involved in a car accident that would eventually claim his life. April turned to her big sister for comfort and hung to Jodi as
    they suffered the death of their brother. During this time April became distant with Smoke and on the morning of Jered's
    funeral after a private viewing of his body April heard the same voice again from months earlier. The voice was persistent
    throughout the day of the funeral and the days that followed. The voice encouraged April to let her help and assured April
    that everything would be better if she just let her help. April fought the voice yet told no one of what was happening.

    Smoke presented the idea of getting married and adopting Emily soon after Jered's death in late 2004. Under a
    tremendous amount of stress she assured Smoke that was not what she wanted. April made it perfectly clear to him that
    she was not ready to be married. However, Smoke continued with the idea that he and April were going to be married
    and she overheard Smoke talking to Angela about their impending wedding. Almost immediately April heard the inner
    voice for a third time - this time April conceded and let the voice have full control. As a result April's alternate personality,
    Amber, emerged to handle the stressful situations for her.

    Amber's solution was to leave River's Edge. Even in an alternate state of mind Amber's top priority was Emily and
    together they left town late one night. Amber left a note that explained she was leaving to clear her head and would return
    The following storyline played out on the webseries "Heart & Soul" written by Allan Craig
    April/Amber appeared in the following "H&S" episodes: #43, #44, #47, #48, #49, #50, #52, #55, #56, #57 and #58
    By the time April and Emily arrived in Oakridge she had allowed Amber to
    become the dominant personality. Amber checked into a local hotel and left
    Emily with the nanny service. She found herself at Jazz & Co. where she began
    to introduce herself as Amber. That first night in a new town Amber met a
    charming and sexy graphic designer by the name of Josh Denman. The name
    "Josh" registered for Amber and when he asked what he could order for her,
    Amber replied, "a screaming orgasm would be great."After several more drinks
    Josh and Amber left the bar and headed back to her room at the Metro Hotel and
    had sex. Days later Josh ran into Amber in town and was surprised to learn that
    she had a daughter. Amber introduced Josh to her daughter, Emily.

    As time passed Josh began to open up with Amber especially where his sister
    Natalie was concerned. Amber remained closed off in her conversations with
    Josh, something that began to frustrate him. Despite this minor detail both Josh
    and Amber fell for one another rather quickly. On their first date Josh was able to
    learn that Amber was from River's Edge and it was at that point April tried to
    regain control. Amber excused herself to the restroom and when she returned
    she dropped her purse in front of Josh. The contents on the floor he immediately
    began to help her retrieve them when he came upon her drivers license and
    asked, "Who is April Bradshaw?"

    Amber fled the restaurant without saying another word and thought of her
    options. The next she avoided telephone calls from Josh and decided for her
    own sanity it would be best if she left Oakridge. Before she was able to get out of
    town Josh arrived at the Metro Hotel and Amber told him that she was leaving.
    She advised the graphic artist to forget he had ever known her. Josh refused to
    believe she was actually leaving and encouraged her to stay if for no one else
    than her daughter. Josh asked Amber to have coffee with him before she left. At
    the coffee shop Amber told Josh that she never lied to him about who she was.
    She explained that April Bradshaw was who she used to be and that she
    changed her name to Amber. During their conversation Oakridge socialite Diane
    Sterling spotted April/Amber with Josh and questioned her ex-husband John if
    the girl she saw was April - Andrew and Natasha Bradshaw's daughter.
    John Sterling followed Josh and Amber from the coffee shop to the Metro Hotel where he later confronted the two of them
    in April/Amber's suite. Amber adamantly reassured John she was not April Bradshaw and that he had her confused with
    someone else even though she and Josh both knew it was a lie. John insisted that she was the spitting image of her
    mother at that age - he declared to them both that Amber was April Bradshaw. John dropped another bomb on the couple
    when he announced that on the way over he had called Andrew. Amber lashed out John Sterling for interfering in her life
    and he told her that Andrew and Natasha were worried about her considering the fact she had been missing for months.
    Amber reached a point and screamed at the top of her lungs that her brother had died. Josh realized that she was
    opening up more than she had before and forced John to leave. Amber insisted that she was in fact leaving for good now
    and Josh told her that she couldn't - that she had to stay for him. Josh told Amber that they had something special and he
    didn't want to lose that. Amber assured Josh he was reading into their relationship more than he should have been. Even
    though Amber said she felt nothing for Josh he did convince her to stay a little longer in Oakridge.

    Days later when Amber told Josh she had decided to leave again he demanded to know why they kept going in circles
    about whether or not she would stay or go. Amber answer that she gets restless after awhile and wanted to try a new
    place and more important that there was nothing for her in Oakridge. Amber became suddenly aware of how her words
    hurt Josh and she revealed the true reason: that she had fallen in love with him and it was for his own good she leave.
    Josh told Amber that her past didn't mater that he cared about who she was right now and what they had.

    Christmas came while Amber was still in Oakridge and Josh learned that Amber had not left town after she came to his
    apartment. Amber explained that she tried unsuccessfully to book a flight but there was nothing. Amber appeared less
    gutsy than she ever had before, much more sueded. Josh took notice and was unaware that April and Amber were in
    conflict with one another at the time. Josh walked Amber back to the Metro Hotel where they ran into John Sterling who
    said he was there to see April. John surprised both Josh and Amber when he invited them to Christmas at the Sterling
    mansion. Amber accepted John's generous offer and soon found herself living with him for the remainder of her time in

    New Year's arrived and so did Natasha. April's mother arrived at the Sterling mansion and come face-to-face with a long
    lost love - John Sterling. She declared that she came unannounced with the purpose of taking her daughter home. John
    clued Natasha in on the fact that April referred to herself now as Amber and when she saw her mother, Amber
    demanded answers. Furious Amber informed Natasha that she grown tired of being a doormat in River's Edge. Natasha
    reminded April/Amber that her family loved her very much. Amber noted that their love was painfully clear they had waited
    months to find her now. Hurt and confused Natasha questioned how this person could her daughter. Amber delivered a
    stern warning - that she was not going back to River's Edge.

    After Amber argued with her mother she and John have an honest conversation. During which Amber's control is being
    lessened by April's attempt to become the dominate personality. Amber told John that she felt like everyone was
    controlling her every move and that she didn't  want to be in River's Edge because everyone knew who she was and what
    she had done. Amber told John that she left her home so she could be free. She says that she has been defined her
    entire life by people around her. Natasha entered the kitchen and Amber told her again she would not be returning to
    River's Edge with her. An argument between mother and daughter ensued and when Josh arrived to return a necklace
    left at his apartment Natasha jumped to her own conclusion. She immediately assumed that it was because of him that
    Amber did not want to leave Oakridge. An intense shouting matching between Josh and Natasha began. When John
    returned he demanded that for the sake of Emily that everyone stop. As thing grew more heated Amber collapsed and
    could feel a pain shooting through her entire body. She was rushed to the hospital were doctors confirmed that Amber
    had suffered a panic attack, but advised that it was brought on by something much more intense than the stress of the
    arguments. After the doctor consult anted with a colleague he rendered his diagnosis - that April was suffering from
    Disassociated Identity Disorder. The doctor offered to bring in a consultant to do further evaluations on Amber and
    assured Josh, Natasha and John that while physically April/Amber were fine, she was indeed mentally unstable.

    No expense sparred Natasha had a specialist flown into Oakridge where he later confirmed the earlier diagnosis that
    April did suffer from DID. As a plan of treatment he informed Natasha that they must work to uncover the root cause of
    why she created alters. He explained that he needed to identify the group classification April fell into and then work to
    integrate Amber with April and any other alters that she may have created. Natasha informed April/Amber of what had
    transpired and then informed her she would return to River's Edge. After more resisted attempts to not return home,
    Amber finally agreed. She and Josh saw one another a final time before she left and it was painfully clear that Amber was
    in love with him and he with her. Amber sent Josh to be with his sister Natalie who gave birth the day she left. The
    tortured couple promised to remain in contact.

    April faced a difficult rode upon her return from Oakridge. She reconnected with Smoke and after her successful 2006
    integration he proposed marriage to her and April accepted. The planning of her wedding proved to be more stressful
    than she had anticipated and April began to demonstrate Amber-like mannerisms that went unnoticed by family and

    Alone with Smoke, Amber became the dominate personality and showed Smoke an entirely different side of her - one
    that Smoke enjoyed. Smoke, much like Josh fell in love with Amber. Smoke knew Amber had reemerged and taken full
    control once again, but he had fallen out of love with April and in love with her. The day of her wedding April had a break
    through and was able to regain dominant control as she stood in front of a mirror in her wedding dress. As the reality of
    the situation sat in around her, she realized the truth about Smoke and Amber. Having realized the truth - that another
    man had fallen in love with Amber and not her, April broke down in tears.

    As guests awaited the wedding to begin April confronted Smoke about what he had done and revealed to him that he
    pressured her (April) into marrying him. April told Smoke that she never wanted to marry him! A showdown between the
    two ensued and Smoked admitted he was in fact in love with Amber. Humiliated and ashamed April called off her
    wedding and declared she never wanted to see Smoke again.

    In the weeks that followed April returned to counseling and integrated herself with Amber for a second time that proved to
    be a success. Afterwards April announced she was leaving River's Edge for the sake of daughter and for the sake of her
    own mental stability. In early 2008, April and Emily moved to Dallas and while Emily has been back several times, April
    has yet to return.

    April has led a successful post integrated life since she moved to Dallas with Emily. She works at a bank in downtown
    Dallas as an executive loan officer. She was most recently elected to serve as the President of Emily's PTA and she met
    Ian O'Connor, Emily's previous school teacher.

    In 2011, Ian and April began dating after he took her to a political event where Ian's father announced his candidacy for
    Governor of Texas.

    In 2012, Jodi called her sister April to come home and support her at a press conference that would confirm Jodi as the
    newest member of The Bradshaw Corporation Board of Directors. Upon her arrival Sabrina Davis Bradshaw and April's
    grandmother Pamela Bradshaw McCarty bombarded her with an opportunity to also join the Board of Directors. After
    talking with her mother, April accepted the nomination.
Represented By
Marcy Rylan
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Father)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Mother)
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw (Step-Mother)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Former Step-Mother)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Brother, Deceased)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Half Sister, Unknown)
  • Amy Malone (Sister, Unknown)
  • Kendra Logan Bradshaw (Step-Sister / Former Sister-in-Law)
  • Phillip Bradshaw (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Henry & Opal Garrett (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw, Angela Bradshaw & Felicia Banning (Aunts)
  • Caress Banning Richmond, RJ Banning, Madison Banning (Cousins)

  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Daughter w/Rodney Russell)

    Alternate Personality
  • Amber (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • Integrated (2005 - 2006; 2007)

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Smoke Watson (Aborted Nuptials, 2007)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Ian O'Connor (Flirtation, 2010; Dating 2011)
  • Smoke Watson (Dated, 2003-2007; Engaged, 2006)
  • Josh Denman (Lovers, 2004 - Heart & Soul)
  • Josh Marshall (Dated, 2001)
  • Rodney Russell (One-Night Stand, 2002)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Josh Marshall
  • Jodi Bradshaw
  • Enemies
  • Katie Russell

  • The Bradshaw Corporation Board of Directors (2012-Current)
  • Executive VP of Bradshaw Oil & Gas (2012-Current)
  • Executive Loan Officer, National Bank of Dallas (2008-2012)
  • Bachelors Degree in Finance, Southern Texas University (2003-2007)
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