Angela Bradshaw      |        Character In-Depth History
    Angela Bradshaw is the middle child and eldest daughter of the late Phillip Bradshaw and Pamela Bradshaw McCarty.
    Much like her younger sister Leslie, she too grew up in the shadow of their brother Andrew who from an early age was
    heir to the Bradshaw fortunes. Growing up Angela suffered from middle child syndrome. Her mother doted on Andrew
    every chance she had and Phillip showed a particular fondness towards Leslie. In high school Angela began to discover
    who she was and discovered that she had an intense passion for interior design. Despite her family's prominent
    standing in the community Angela suffered through high school, often times being branded as different or geeky
    because of her artistic abilities. During Angela's formative years she wore glasses and was often referred to by Pamela
    as being homely. She became extremely reserved with her peers, in particular boys. After graduation from high school in
    1988 Angela moved to Boston where she had been accepted at Suffolk University. She studied interior design and
    obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree and later her Masters. In 1995 with her education firmly in place Angela
    moved to New York City and began her design career. However in 1997 she accepted a position in Boston and returned
    to her beloved city. Angela settled into her new life in Boston and joined a local interior design firm. Her first client was a
    veteran news anchor by the name of Travis McCarty, who had also just moved to Boston.

    Angela began working on Travis' apartment in 1998 and she began to develop feelings for the much older man. She
    shared her feelings with Travis one night and was stunned when he told her he was also having the same ones. They
    began dating but when Travis noticed her attraction to a younger man - his son - he knew something had to be done.
    Travis called Angela on her attraction to Alex. He told her that it was not fair to either one of them to be led on by her. Now
    a beautiful woman, a younger version of her mother, Angela was humiliated that she allowed herself to care about both
    Alex and Travis. Travis who was angry at first came around eventually and acknowledged to Angela that he knew their
    relationship wasn't based in reality. He gave his blessing for Angela to move on with Alex and the couple ended their
    relationship on amicable terms. By the spring of the following year Angela had moved on and began a relationship with
    Alex McCarty. Unable to admit it to anyone and barely to herself Angela knew she was falling in love with Alex. Angela who
    had remained close friends with Travis was upset when he left Boston for Washington DC in late 1999. On Valentine's
    Day 2000 Alex surprised Angela when he asked her to consider moving in with him - she joyfully accepted his offer.

    Over the course of the next two years Angela and Alex continued to build their relationship despite the fact that Alex's
    drinking grew worse and worse over time. Finally she traveled to Washington and told Travis about Alex's drinking. She
    was stunned to learn that Alex suffered from alcoholism.

    Angela decided that after her talk with Travis she would confront Alex about his drinking and help him overcome it. As she
    arrived home, completely unaware that Alex had been at home all day drinking, Angela decided that it was for the best if
    she wanted her relationship to survive. Angela informed Alex that she knew about his alcoholism and revealed that Travis
    told. Alex became furious that she had told his father he was drinking again. In a violent and drunken rage Alex threw
    Angela against the wall with heavy force. Having never seen that side of Alex before Angela simply insisted that she only
    did what she thought was best for him and reminded him that she loved him. As the evening went on Alex became more
    violent and when Angela told him he need professional help Alex snapped...he struck her with a closed fist across the
    face. The blow sent Angela to the floor against the wall in pain and bleeding. As Alex came to grips with what he had
    done Angela fled their home to a local emergency room. There she called the only person who she thought would be
    able to help her - Travis. Angela was admitted to the hospital for a busted lip, black eye and fractured cheekbone. She
    admitted to Travis that she didn't know who else to call and he assured her that she made the right decision to call him.
    After two days in the hospital, Angela returned to Washington DC with Travis and admitted that she wasn't going back to
    Alex. Travis offered his home in Washington to Angela and assured her that Alex would never be a problem again.
    However, Angela insisted she needed to stand on her own. Angela thanked him for everything he had done, but told him
    that once she was gone Travis McCarty and Alex McCarty never existed. Angela says she was stupid years earlier when
    she fell in love with the wrong man. Before Angela left Travis questioned if she still loved Alex despite everything and he
    was surprised to hear that she did in fact love him.

    Angela returned to River's Edge in time to celebrate Christmas 2002 with her family. At first she told the family she was
    only home for a visit however by New Year's Day she knew she was staying on a more permanent basics.

    Angela briefly lived with her mother after she returned to River's Edge. She worked to rebuild her relationship with her
    mother and that became her top priority. Angela recognized that Pamela had changed quite a bit during the time that
    Angela had been away from home. Angela began dating Chad Patterson a mysterious man who arrived in town out of the
    blue. Their relationship came to and end after Chad left River's Edge without notice.

    In 2004, Angela was thrown for a loop when she came face-to-face with Travis McCarty for the first time since Alex had
    attacked her. She immediately questioned what he was doing in town and if she was at risk. Travis explained that she
    was not in any type of danger and that he had accepted a job in River's Edge. Angela insisted that they keep their
    distance and that no one ever find out about the connection they shared. Also the same year Angela had rebounded from
    her relationship with Chad and began sleeping with Gregory Holloway. Over the span of a few months her relationship
    with Gregory fizzled and Angela was surprised to learn that her mother was engaged to Travis.

    In late 2004 Angela began dating STU professor Derek Jordan who was handsome in a mysterious fashion and
    charming. Around the same time that they began seeing one another a string of rapes and murders began occurring on
    the Southern Texas University. The seventh victim was attacked in February 2005 and the attacks seemed to stop - until
    April 25, 2005 when Derek entered the KJRE news station studios. Angela had been completely unaware that Derek had
    also been dating Megan Shirley while he was with dating her. Derek had also developed an unhealthy obsession with
    Savannah Pierce who was the news reporter assigned to cover the STU story. At KJRE Derek took the three women
    hostage with the intent of raping each one of them and then killing them. He revealed to the trio it would be the perfect ten
    killings and that the world would be a better place without them in it, that the world was a better place with all of them
    gone. Derek claimed he was doing good work - ridding the world of ten lying whores.

    After over eight hours of being held hostage the women were able to catch a break. Derek took Angela from the other the
    two women with the intent of raping her and as he done this he laid the gun down. Megan saw this as the perfect
    opportunity. She grabbed the gun and turned it on Derek, within seconds he was dead. His victims watched as Derek
    died before they emerged from the news stations - survivors and forever friends.

    Before the women emerged they made a pact to tell the police that each shot Derek. None of them had a fear of being
    punished for their crime, but as Savannah explained it would help ease their consciences about the events of that day.
    The ordeal that Angela experienced with Savannah and Megan has bonded them forever and she remains close to the
    both of them. Angela with Megan and Savannah meet once a year - April 25th and remember the tragedy of that day. They
    think of that day now not as just a tragic event, but an event that brought them together. At their 2010 meeting Megan
    revealed to Derek's mother Penelope Jordan that she was the one who shot Derek.

    Angela went into business with Ryan O'Keefe in 2006 when they opened an Interior Design studio, Ryan Bradshaw.
    Because of her relationship with Megan and now the business Angela has developed a strong friendship with Ryan.

    Following the events of her almost rape Angela found it difficult to be intimate with a man and as a result spent the next to
    years without a man in her life. She focused on her career and her family. As it often does, history repeated its self when
    Angela was hired by Justin Pierce to redecorate his apartment. They eventually began a sexual relationship with no
    strings attached that lasted until December 2009 when Gregory Holloway returned to town. Gregory's return stirred up old
    feelings for Angela of a time when she had her life together. She admitted to Justin that she broke their rules and had
    fallen in love with him. They ended their relationship. However, after the anniversary of Derek's death Angela showed
    back up at Justin's door and they began once again having a secret affair.

    When Savannah Pierce returned to town in mid-2010 she brought with her a job proposition for Angela and Ryan.
    Savannah told them her Las Vegas based boyfriend, Preston Crawford was opening a new casino and he wanted to
    meet with both of them. While Ryan was excited about the opportunity Angela turned it down for the both of them.
    Because of her unwillingness to work this project Ryan and Angela are currently at odds.
    Angela Bradshaw       |        June 29, 1970      |        Series History: 2002-2006; 2009-Present
Represented By
Michelle Stafford
  • Phillip Bradshaw (Father, Deceased - 2001)
  • Pamela Holland Bradshaw McCarty (Mother)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Brother)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Barnes Pierce (Sister)
  • Billy & Maria Holland (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Phillip Sr. & Reva Bradshaw (Paternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Claire Monroe (Aunt)
  • Tristan Monroe (Cousin)
  • Jodi Bradshaw & April Bradshaw (Nieces)
  • Amy Malone (Niece, Unknown)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Nephew, Deceased)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Great-Niece)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Sister-in-Law)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Justin Pierce (Secret Lovers, 2008-2010; 2010-Present)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • None
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Justin Pierce (Secret Lovers, 2008-2010, 2010-Present)
  • Derek Jordan (Dated/Lovers, 2004-2005)
  • Gregory Holloway (One Night Stand, 2004)
  • Chad Patterson (Dated, 2003)
  • Alex McCarty (Lovers, 1999-2002)
  • Travis McCarty (Lovers, 1998)

    Other Relationships
  •     Friends
  • Savannah Pierce
  • Megan Shirley
  • Ryan O'Keefe
  •     Enemies
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce
  • Penelope Jordan

  • Ryan Bradshaw Interior Designs, Co-Owner w/Ryan O'Keefe
  • Board of Directors, The Bradshaw Corporation
  • Stockholder, The Bradshaw Corporation