Andrew Phillip Bradshaw was born into the lap of luxury as the son of prominent Texas attorney Phillip Bradshaw and his
    wife Pamela Holland. The couple would go on to have two more children Angela and Leslie, but it would be Andrew who
    would shine as the golden and favored child.

    In the spring of 1981 following his Senior prom Andrew proposed to his high school sweetheart and longtime girlfriend
    Natasha Garrett. She accepted his proposal and the couple married that summer before Andrew and his new bride
    moved to Houston where they both attended the University of Houston. Andrew majored in Political Science during his
    time UH and would later earn a Masters Degree in Law from the university just as his father had done years earlier. In the
    early winter of 1982 Andrew reconnected with former classmate Jillian Malone who had developed a never before
    mentioned crush on Andrew in high school. By the spring of their second semester Andrew had begun having an affair
    with Jillian, a habit that would continue through this twenty year marriage to Natasha.

    Andrew's third semester came to a close in December 1982 and his life changed dramatically - both Natasha and Jillian
    were pregnant with his child. Natasha announced to the family that she was due in August of the next year, while Jillian
    revealed she was due in September. Andrew continued to have a relationship with both Jillian and Natasha, which
    proved difficult after Jililan dropped out of school and moved off campus in the spring of 1983. On Tuesday, August 2nd
    Natasha went into labor and Andrew paid a visit to Jillian. He told her that he was in love with his wife and had no
    intentions of leaving Natasha for her. When Jillian questioned their baby he accused her of sleeping around campus. He
    denied that Jillian's unborn baby was his child and ended their relationship. Devastated over the breakup Jillian went into
    premature labor and was rushed to the same hospital as Natasha. Andrew became a father on August 3rd when his
    twins: Jered Andrew and Jodi Lynne were born. In another room right down the hall Jillian also gave birth to a daughter
    who she named Amanda Christine.

    Jillian soon learned that Natasha had given birth in the same hospital as her and still upset over the breakup hatched a
    plan to kidnap Andrew and Natasha's daughter. On August 5th before her discharge from the hospital Jillian put her plan
    into action and kidnapped Andrew's daughter with Natasha. Jillian also left the hospital with her own daughter. The
    kidnapping of Baby Bradshaw devastated the family and became statewide news as the manhunt for the infant began.
    The infant was missing for three days until she was found at a church in River's Edge - unharmed. Jillian's grief over
    having lost Andrew and confused about her own actions prompted her to make a mistake that would change everyone's
    lives forever because Jillian placed the wrong baby in the church that fateful day. As a result of this mistake Natasha
    raised Amy (Jillian's daughter) as Jodi and Jillian raised Jodi (Natasha's daughter) as Amy. Andrew never put the
    connection together to realize it was Jillian who had kidnapped his daughter because he never heard from her again until
    years later.
    Andrew's third child, a daughter named April Dawn was born in 1985.
    Additional security measures where taken with April's birth. Andrew
    has often said that the happiest time of his marriage was the two
    years between the time the twins were born and April.

    By the late 1980s Andrew had completed his law degree and prepared
    for his bar exam. As he prepared for the next step in his career his wife
    also prepared for a return to River's Edge after an eight year absence.

    After Andrew passed the bar exam he entered the workforce and
    began his career at The Bradshaw Corporation, a company founded
    by his parents. A subsidiary of the company - Bradshaw Law Firm
    opened in 1990.
    Around the same time Valerie Caldwell Marshall a Dallas native arrived in River's Edge with her husband, Dr. Bradley
    Marshall who had been a classmate with Andrew, Natasha and Jillian Malone in high school. Valerie began practicing
    law at Andrew's firm and by early 1992 she was brought in as a partner, the firm was renamed Bradshaw and Marshall
    Law Firm. To celebrate the partnership Andrew and Valerie got drunk and ended up sleeping together. They ended up
    sleeping together two more times before they agreed to not speak of the incident and were able to keep that agreement
    for nine more years. Andrew and Valerie would sleep together in 2001.

    Andrew continued to have difficulties remaining faithful to his wife. At a Fourth of July pool party in 1994 after having to
    much to drink Andrew slept with a very sober Brandi Brashears, who was at the time Natasha's best friend. Their secret
    affair continued for several months until Brandi ended the affair. Neither Andrew or Brandi ever mentioned the affair to
    anyone for the fear of hurting Natasha.
    In the early morning hours Sabrina made good on her promise and busted Andrew out of his cell. The two fled Elk City
    and drove all night to until they arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas. After a night filled with passionate sex the Bradshaw
    billionaire followed through with his plan and made young Sabrina Davis his wife. He left for his young bride an envelope
    full of cash, took their marriage license and hightailed it out of Fort Smith and back home to River's Edge. Andrew's return
    to River's Edge saw his romance with Sharon Logan intensify and the couple celebrated Christmas 2002 together with
    their blended families.

    In his absence from the company Natasha stepped in and took over the reigns. She hired Oklahoma attorney Jaxson
    Hayes to oversee the legal department of the company and her niece's sexual harassment lawsuit. Andrew worked well
    with Jaxson and was appointed by his mother CEO of The Bradshaw Corporation. On the eve of his March 2003 wedding
    to Sharon, Andrew's daughter April delivered her first child, his granddaughter who was named Emily Rose Garrett
    Bradshaw. Following Emily's birth Andrew married Sharon Logan at the Bradshaw Estate as Sabrina watched from
    outside the mansion.

    Sabrina who had arrived in town weeks earlier began to plot her revenge on Andrew and it happened during a Mother's
    Day luncheon in 2003. Andrew was horrified when Sabrina arrived at Pamela's house. Andrew stood by as Sabrina
    announced to the family and to Sharon that she was in fact Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw. Andrew confirmed Sabrina's
    accusations and admitted to everyone that he did in fact marry Sabrina during his time away from River's Edge the
    previous year. Andrew was arrested for bigamy charges after Sabrina alerted the authorities of her true identity. It was
    during Andrew's lowest point that he received a visit from Sabrina who informed him of her master plan. Andrew learned
    that Sabrina intended to stay Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw for as long as it took unless he gave into her demands. Sabrina
    revealed to her husband the terms of their divorce: a comfortable living arrangement, a cash settlement and most
    important to her half of his stocks in BC. At the time Andrew wasn't aware that Sabrina had convinced his heartbroken
    sister Leslie to also sell her stocks. Andrew granted Sabrina her divorce giving her his stocks in BC and oblivious to the
    fact that his half of his estate included April's stocks in the company as well which Sabrina took half of. Andrew along with
    the entire Bradshaw family were mortified to learn that they had been swindled out of their own company. After she
    combined her divorce settlement stocks, Leslie's stocks and those from April's proxy Sabrina Davis Bradshaw held the
    majority of stocks. Andrew who had stepped down as CEO of the company and replaced by his daughter Jodi in the role
    was terminated and Sabrina took on the position. After the hostile takeover, Andrew's license to practice law was
    suspended for three years.

    His career in ruins and his divorced from Sabrina finalized Andrew was then able to marry Sharon, which he intended to
    do. However, those plans didn't go according to plan. Sharon's intense rivalry with Sabrina continued to grow to the point
    of murder. Clarissa Bryant, Jaxson Hayes's ex-wife who had come to River's Edge to stop his impending marriage to
    Jodi Bradshaw. After a confrontation between Sharon and Sabrina, Clarissa was found murdered. Sabrina pointed the
    finger at Sharon and claimed that she meant to kill her and not Clarissa. Sharon was charged with Second Degree
    Murder for the death of Clarissa and it was Andrew who stood by her throughout her trial and claimed her innocence.
    Andrew more importantly at the time stood by Sharon's daughter Kendra and their relationship as step-father/step-
    daughter grew throughout Sharon's trial. When the jury returned a not guilty verdict Clarissa's grief stricken mother
    opened gunfire in the courtroom with the intent to kill Kendra. Andrew stepped in front of his step-daughter and took the
    bullet that was meant for her. Andrew immediately underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his chest. Andrew
    survived the surgery and wasted no time in marrying Sharon for a second time. While still in the hospital Andrew took
    Sharon as his wife. Concern for Andrew's health took a turn when the hospital explained to the family that neither Jered,
    Jodi or April's blood matched that of their father. A public plea for blood was made and a secret donor stepped forward to
    donate. Sharon grew more concerned when doctors told her that not only did Jodi's blood not match Andrew's it did not
    match her mother's as well. Sharon briefly questioned how this could be, but decided ultimately that Andrew had suffered
    enough and dropped it. Andrew recovered from his gunshot wound and returned home with his new wife Sharon by his
    Andrew adjusted to his life outside of BC and the courtroom. Early into their marriage Andrew learned that Sharon had
    Stage II breast cancer. Andrew once again stood by his wife as she battled the illness. Andrew's life became more
    complicated when his son Jered began dating his step-sister Kendra. Andrew along with the rest of the Bradshaw family
    objected to their involvement because of Kendra's place in the family. Andrew and Jillian shared an amicable reunion but
    neither one of them mentioned her daughter. When Jillian returned to River's Edge she shared a reunion with Andrew
    with no mention of their college affair.
Represented By
Walt Willey
  • Phillip Andrew Bradshaw (Father, Deceased - 2001)
  • Pamela Holland Bradshaw McCarty (Mother)
  • Travis McCarty (Step-Father)
  • Angela Bradshaw & Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Sisters)
  • Billy & Maria Holland (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Phillip Sr. & Reva Bradshaw (Paternal Grandparents, Deceased)

  • Jodi Bradshaw (Daughter w/Jillian Malone, Unknown)
  • Amy Malone (Daughter w/Natasha Garrett Bradshaw, Unknown)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Son w/Natasha Garrett Bradshaw, Deceased - 2004)
  • April Bradshaw (Daughter w/Natasha Garrett Bradshaw)

  • Character Note: Andrew is the biological father of both Jodi Bradshaw
    and Amy Malone. In 1983 both Natasha and Jillian gave birth on the
    same day to baby girls: Jodi was born to Jillian and Amy was born to
    Natasha. Distraught over Andrew having ended their affair, Jillian
    kidnapped Jodi from the nursery of the hospital. Unbeknown to Jillian
    when she returned "baby Jodi" that she had mistakenly gave Natasha
    her daughter. As a result Natasha raised Andrew and Jillian's daughter
    while Jillian raised his daughter with Natasha.

  • Grandchildren
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Granddaughter)

  • Relationship Status
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Married, 10/12/2012; Engaged, 08/2012)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Married, 10/12/2012)
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw (Married, 2004; Divorced, 2011)
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw (Married, 2003; Invalid, 2003)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Married, 2002; Divorced, 2003)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Married, 1981; Divorced, 2001)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Slept Together, 07/2012)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Kissed, 06/2012)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (One Night Stand, 2001)
  • Valerie Caldwell Marshall (Lovers, 8/2001)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Lovers, 07/1994-11/1994)
  • Valerie Caldwell Marshall (Lovers, 03/1992)
  • Jillian Malone Marshall (Lovers, 1981-08/1983)

    Crimes Committed
  • Bigamy (2003)

  • Candidate for River's Edge Mayor (October 2012 - February 2013)
  • COO, The Bradshaw Corporation by Proxy (2006-Current)
  • Sr. Vice President of Legal, The Bradshaw Corporation (1998-Current)
  • Attorney, Bradshaw & Marshall Law Firm (1990-2001)
  • Former Mayoral Candidate of River's Edge (2001)
  • Board of Directors, The Bradshaw Corporation
  • Stockholder, The Bradshaw Corporation
  • Masters of Law Degree, University of Houston (1985-1989)
  • Bachelor Degree in Political Science, University of Houston (1985)
    During the summer of 2001 Andrew began a second sexual relationship with Valerie. On August 09, 2001 his wife and
    their daughter Jodi caught him and Valerie in bed. The couple who had just celebrated their twentieth wedding
    anniversary weeks earlier filed for divorce. Andrew's affair with Valerie coupled with the sudden death of his father
    alienated him from his children. He made one last ditch effort at his father's funeral service to reconcile with Natasha.
    She revealed to her husband that their marriage was over and there was nothing that he could say to change her mind.

    Phillip Bradshaw's death left the city of River's Edge without a mayor and the city council declared that a special election
    would resolve the matter. Having been considered a shoe-in for the position Andrew was thrown for a loop when
    Natasha declared her intent to run for the office held by her former father-in-law. Andrew accused Natasha of using the
    campaign as a form of payback for his affair with Valerie. Natasha contended that was not the case and claimed she was
    just as qualified as Andrew was to run the city. During the campaign Andrew took the opportunity to infiltrate Natasha's
    campaign efforts and asked her secretary Sharon Logan on a date. The two quickly become involved with one another
    and Andrew much to his surprise found himself falling in love with Sharon and she with him. On the eve of the election
    Andrew asked Sharon to marry him and she joyfully accepted. With his soon to be wife by his side on the night of the
    election, Andrew saw along with everyone else in River's Edge his ex-wife Natasha win the election. Andrew hit rock
    bottom as his children still continued to side with his mother and the loss of the election. Without warning or notice he
    fled River's Edge the morning after the election.
    Andrew's journey of self discovery led him to Elk City, Oklahoma and
    this is where not only his life but the lives of everyone in River's Edge
    changed forever. He was stopped for a speeding ticket and eventually
    found himself in a jail cell when he resisted arrest. Working as a part-
    time secretary in the police station was a young girl in her early
    twenties by the name of Sabrina Davis. Andrew used his charismatic
    personality and charming looks to convince Sabrina to assist in his
    release. Andrew offered Sabrina a substantial amount of money for
    her help, but she had other plans. Sabrina had grown up in an abusive
    home and she had dreams bigger than that of Elk City. In exchange for
    helping bust Andrew out of jail he would have to marry her. Seeing no
    other way out with his family having turned their backs on him, Andrew
    took Sabrina up on her offer. While he waited for his "released" he
    began to plot his on scheme as well, one that would take him home
    without Sabrina.
    Andrew's life would be forever changed the night of his daughter's wedding to Jaxson Hayes. The Jered and Kendra
    romance had reached a boiling point and the two decided to leave River's Edge in order to be happy together. However, a
    car accident occurred with Jered and his then unknown wife Kendra involved. The accident left Jered in a vegetative
    comatose state with severe brain damage. Andrew's relationship with Kendra began to crumble after she announced
    that she was Jered's wife and she wanted to remove life support from her husband. Andrew joined forces with Natasha
    and together they sued Kendra for guardianship of their son. Andrew believed that keeping Jered on life support was a
    more viable option rather than withdrawing life support. Andrew's lawsuit strained his marriage with Sharon as well
    because of his opposition to her daughter. Andrew began spending more and more time with Natasha in their legal
    battle. Before the judge was able to issue a ruling in the case Jered died from his injuries leaving his family devastated
    with grief. In the days that followed Andrew pulled away from Sharon even more, clung to Natasha and questioned his
    actions as a father.

    In 2005, Andrew's former mistress and lifelong friend Brandi Brashears Pierce was convicted of vehicular manslaughter
    for her role in Jered and Kendra's accident. Andrew returned to work as Senior Vice President of Legal at BC and
    eventually became Chief Operating Office by a proxy given to him by his mother who had remarried. Andrew and Sharon's
    marriage began to suffer even more so since the trial. Andrew soon learned that his youngest daughter April was
    suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and had fled River's Edge for Oakridge where she was living as Amber. His
    ordeal with April's integrations and treatment allowed him more time to reconnect with Natasha and in April 2006 his
    world changed yet again.

    Sharon revealed to Andrew that she had been unfaithful in their marriage. The tables now turned, Sharon admitted to
    Andrew that she has been having an affair with Gregory Holloway for over two years. Andrew livid with anger elected to not
    end his marriage as Natasha had done years earlier and vowed to work through this with Sharon if at all possible. Their
    marriage broken and shattered, Andrew entered into marriage counseling with his wife.

    By the winter of 2009 Andrew and Sharon seemed to have found themselves on stable ground in their marriage.
    However when Gregory Holloway (who had left town in 2006) returned at the Winterhaven Festival old feelings returned to
    the surface. Andrew accused Sharon of having lured Gregory back to town and even though she denied the allegations
    Andrew saw them kissing at the festival. Andrew informed Sharon of what he had seen and that he wanted a divorce.
    After weeks of separation he attempted to reconcile with Sharon on Valentine's Day. She however had other plans and
    revealed to him that he had asked her for a divorce and she intended to give it to him.

    The couple divorced in 2011.

    In June 2012, Andrew traveled with Sabrina to Chicago to meet with Jacqueline Vanderbilt Crawford for the open position
    of Chief Financial Officer at BC. During the trip Andrew and Sabrina reminisced about their past and took her son
    Brayden to the Chicago zoo. Later that same night, Sabrina kissed Andrew, however he turned away from her. They both
    agreed that the kiss was nothing more than a mistake.

    However, in July 2012 during a scheduled brownout, Andrew and Sabrina ended up trapped in the elevator at BC. They
    ended up having sex. Andrew suddenly realized that he was developing feelings for Sabrina. In August 2012, Andrew
    proposed to Sabrina and she accepted. In October 2012, Andrew not only declared his candidacy for Mayor but he also
    married Sabrina.
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