Valentine's Day - Most Eligible BACHELOR & BACHELORETTE in River's Edge
These unlucky in love River's Edge citizens can't seem to make a relationship work...
Bachelorette #1 - Megan Shirley Holloway

    That's right - back when Ryan and Megan lived in Watersdale, New England the
    now current Mrs. Gregory Holloway and best friend to Brittany turned best friend
    and fag-hag to Ryan had a crush on him. In fact one night while out drinking at a
    club Megan confessed to Brittany that she wanted to make love to her brother
    that same night. However, that never came to pass as Megan contracted alcohol
    poisoning. Once Brittany left Watersdale with her new husband Douglas
    Richmond Jr. in 2001 Megan moved past her romantic interest in him when he
    revealed to her he was gay. Megan has proved to be much more to Ryan than
    just some girl who used to want to get him in bed. After his parents kicked him
    out of their house he moved in with her in Watersdale and when he came to
    River's Edge to tell his sister he was gay - Megan was right by his side.
Bachelor #2 - Antonio Marzetta

    In 2003, Ryan moved into a townhouse with Jered Bradshaw, Megan Shirley and
    Antonio Marzetta. Immediately his best gal-pal began shamelessly flirting with Antonio
    but it was Ryan who was able to lure him into bed. After a night of drinking Ryan and
    Antonio had sex. Afterwards, Antonio assured Ryan that he wasn't gay, but also showed
    signs of jealousy when Ryan mentioned other guys. After a serious talk about their
    relationship Antonio left River's Edge and moved to Seattle. He's not seen Ryan since.
Bachelor #3 - Dr. Joshua Marshall

    Along the same time as Ryan had began his sexual relationship with Antonio he was
    also chatting with River_Runner via Yahoo Messenger. Ryan and his chat buddy
    developed an unique friendship. Eventually he learned that River_Runner was in fact
    Joshua Marshall who was keeping his sexuality from his family. The two began dating in
    2005, however in 2006 when Josh moved to Indianapolis to do his residency the couple
    broke up.
Bachelor #4 - Sam Clarkson

    Ryan had a chance meeting with Sam Clarkson in 2010 on a flight from River's Edge to
    Las Vegas for Megan's wedding to Gregory Holloway. For the first time however it was
    Sam who initiated the conversation with Ryan and laid it all out for him to have - if he
    wanted it. As it turns out Ryan did want it and after landing in Sam's native Las Vegas
    they went on their first date. To date Ryan and Sam have been involved in a long
    distance relationship that has been anything but easy.
Bachelor #5 - Dr. Joshua Marshall

    In 2009 when Dr. Josh Marshall returned to River's Edge it was only a matter of time
    before Ryan clashed and crashed with his ex-boyfriend Josh. It wasn't until Valentine's
    Day 2010 that their worlds came together thanks in part to a bartender named Joey.
    When Sam failed to make a trip to River's Edge as he had promised Ryan ended up in a
    bar drowning his sorrows. When he went over the edge - Joey called the one person he
    knew could help - Josh. The two ended up together and having sex.
Bachelor #1 - Travis McCarty

    In 1997 when Angela moved to Boston she had no idea how much her life would
    change. The next year she met legendary newscaster Travis McCarty and he
    hired her to redecorate his apartment. Angela soon began to develop feelings
    for the much older Travis and when she revealed this to him she was surprised
    as he had the same feelings for her. However, when Angela met Alex McCarty,
    Travis' son she began having feelings for him as well. When she admitted to
    Travis that she was attracted to both him and his son he was angry. Eventually
    however Travis realized that their age difference was clearly going to be a
    problem for both of them and ended his relationship with Angela. Even though
    they have not been romantically linked since 1998, Angela and Travis who is
    now her step-father remain good friends.
Bachelor #2 - Alex McCarty

    Alex was the first man that Angela not only admitted her feelings for but also admitted
    falling in love with. The couple began dating in 1999 and moved in together in 2000.
    Over the course of the two years Alex developed a drinking problem that grew out of
    control. In 2002, when Angela suggest Alex get help with is problem he slapped her
    across the face and sent her to the hospital. Angela called her brother and he took her
    home to River's Edge and she ended her relationship with Alex.
Bachelor #3 - Chad Peterson

    The mysterious Chad Peterson came to town as a drifter and immediately set his eyes
    on Angela Bradshaw. Angela who was a year out of her relationship with Alex not only
    appreciated the attention he was paying her but flourished in it. The couple dated for
    only a few months before he left town just as quickly as he had entered.
Bachelor #4 - Gregory Holloway

    There doesn't seem to be a woman in River's Edge who hasn't received round trip ticket
    through Gregory Holloway's bed and Angela Bradshaw is no different. On the night of
    her niece Jodi's wedding and upon learning that Travis was in River's Edge she took
    Gregory up on his offer - take her to bed. Their relationship never materialized into
    anything meaningful, although Angela does consider him one of her top three lovers to
Bachelor #5 - Derek Jordan

    Sick. Twisted. And a psychopath to boot - Angela took the wrong man into her bed and
    she nearly paid the ultimate price. In 2005, when a serial killer began targeting women
    in River's Edge Angela had no idea that she was being targeted as the 8th victim. Along
    with Savannah Pierce and Megan Holloway, serial-killer/rapist Derek Jordan held the
    three women hostage at KJRE with the intent of raping and killing them. Fortunately for
    all three women Megan killed Derek first.
Bachelor #6 - Justin Pierce

    Perhaps the most twisted relationships of them all for Angela - her affair with the very
    married Justin Pierce, whose wife just happens to be Brandi Pierce - the woman who
    killed her nephew. The no stings relationship began in December 2008 when he hired
    her to remodel his apartment and ended two years later when she confessed that she
    loved him. However, after a confrontation with Derek's mother on the fifth anniversary of
    his death - Angela turned to Justin again for comfort.
Perfect Match - Dr. Joshua Marshall

    For Ryan it should be clear who his perfect match is - Dr. Joshua Marshall. For starters he's the only man in the
    lineup to make into his bed more than once. Josh gets who Ryan is and vise-versa. With Josh's recent diagnosis (he
    has Stage II Testicular Cancer) could a reconciliation be in the cards for these two? Need another reason - Ryan is
    the only character on the canvas to refer to Josh by his full given name, Joshua.
Perfect Match - Alex McCarty

    Even though Alex clearly has issues that must deal with before he comes crawling back to Angela - he is the clear
    match for this fiery red-headed. All of Angela's other relationships were based on pure sex and the relationship she
    had with Alex, while strained was real. Here's hoping Alex shows up to stake his claim and face the wrath of Andrew
    and Angela's momma Pamela!