Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Summer 2013 Previews
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Pamela / Travis / Rhonda / Caleb / Mariah
With Pamela still presumed dead by everyone in River's Edge the next logical step is for
her will to be read to the family. "This is an important stage in the storyline, because
only Natasha knows that Travis was having an affair," shares Hawkins. "The readers
are going to be left to wonder what, if anything Pamela will leave to her cheating

Meanwhile in Maryland, Pamela (still thinking she's Alexandra) will continue building
upon her new life. "She's really developed a bond with Caleb and Mariah," explains the
scribe, "I look forward to building upon those relationships and exploring what is going
to happen between these three."
Summer 2013 Previews

"I have lived with these characters for years and years," shares series creator
Josh Hawkins, "and now is the time to kick it up a notch in telling their stories.
Especially as the 12th anniversary of AON draws closer and closer."
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Will Nicholas ever find out who the mysterious Caroline is that his former sister-in-law
hinted about in February 2012?

"Nicholas has put the search for Caroline on hold," explains Hawkins, "but by the end of
summer he'll know exactly who she is."

Not only will Nicholas discover Caroline's true identity, but he's also busy with a new
business venture that will keep him in River's Edge when he starts working for Sabrina
and Jacqueline on a new division at The Bradshaw Corporation. Look for Nicholas to
also facilitate the return of Madison Banning to the canvas.
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
April /  Emily / Luke
The return of Lizzie Russell at Pamela's memorial services shook April to the very core
and it got the young mother thinking - what does she know!

"Revisiting Emily's paternity storyline has been something I've wanted to do for a very
long time," Hawkins states. "Now seems like the perfect time." Especially when you
take into consideration that Luke Stevenson is in town and married to April's aunt

"This is going to be a storyline that not only encompasses Emily's paternity, but also
another historic storyline," confirms the writer.
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Ryan / Nathaniel / Josh / Madison
"Ryan has been put through the ringer as of late," reminds Hawkins of the character's
failed relationship with Josh Marshall and as the summer heats up it looks as though
things won't get any easier!

"For now..." the scribe pauses, "Ryan and Josh are finished!"

So what does that mean for these star crossed lovers? "It means I'll be exploring other
relationships and brining in a few new people - namely Nathaniel Grey and the
returning Madison Banning!"
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Natasha / Preston
"Natasha is keeping one mother of a secret from her daughters - the fact that she's
involved with Preston Crawford," teases Hawkins.

This summer everyone in River's Edge is going to learn about her secret, yearlong
relationship with the high school football coach.

"Being with Preston is something new for Natasha," continues Hawkins. "It's good for
her to have some mystery in her life and I like that." Also look for Natasha to get involved
in the community a little more thanks in part to Cricket Carter Hawkins who offers
Natasha an opportunity she'll not be able to pass up!