Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Summer 2012 - Hotter Than Ever Previews
Now Or Never...Summer 2012 - Hotter Than Ever

"I've been rejuvenated by these characters," shares series creator Josh Hawkins. "I have lived with the majority of these people
in my mind for almost eleven years and now is the time to up the ante and tell their stories."

Breaking with tradition from the original run (2001-2006) an arc that once consisted of twenty episode will now consistent of
twenty-five which will lead up to the 150th episode of the ten year old series.

"There is going to be shockers and surprises along the way and I am going to do what I should have done in 2011 and that is
pay tribute to the tenth anniversary of the series," Hawkins continues. "There are going to be more special segments that look
back at the history of this series."
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Andrew / Sabrina
Something is definitely happening between these two ex-spouses and as the summer
heats up so does their relationship.

"There's something about these two characters," laughs Hawkins. Who says that the
summer is all about Andrew and Sabrina!

"I've been waiting to tell this storyline for a very long time and I am so excited to finally
see things playing out," continues the scribe.

Could Sabrina finally be getting her happy ending?
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Natasha / Preston / Her Return to River's Edge
"Her failed wedding to Nicholas really sent Natasha into a tailspin," explains Hawkins.
So much to the point that she won't return to River's Edge until the 150th episode,
meaning she'll have some explaining to do with her daughters.

"We've never seen Natasha like we do this summer," the scribe continues. "Her
neighbor Preston brings out a complete new side of the character that has been fun to
explore. She really throws caution to the wind."

Natasha left River's Edge one person with a certain set of beliefs and when she returns
she is a completely new person. "It's exciting!"
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Nicholas / The Mysterious Caroline
"We haven't seen much of Nicholas since the February fashion show and that's been on
purpose," says Hawkins. "He's been down and out - but this summer he begins to pick
himself back up."

To that end, he hires Jim Wilson (Pamela's PI) to find the mysterious Caroline that his
former sister-in-law taunted him with before she was carted off to jail.

"My mother used to say things come in threes and I'm sitting on three shocking paternity
secrets, one of which involves Nicholas," teases Hawkins, "and Caroline plays heavily
into that upcoming storyline."
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Jodi finally finishes her novel, "Crystal Clear Visions" and while at another wedding in
New York City shares an unexpected kiss with someone!

"Jodi's storyline throughout the summer is more supporting than leading," explains
Hawkins, "but it sets the ground work for the next arc of stories."

Jodi hasn't had much luck in the love department since her divorce from husband
Jaxson Hayes, but that kiss in NYC could prove to be just what the doctor ordered to
jump start her love life once more. "She's on a journey with her book and it's going to
take her all over the country."
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Josh / Ryan / April
Josh continues both his chemotherapy and his budding relationship with ex-boyfriend
Ryan O'Keefe.

"This has been such an important storyline for me to write and it seems to have been
well received by readers," shares Hawkins.

The one thing that has been missing as of late though with the storyline is the presence
of Josh's best friend - April Bradshaw who comes into the storyline later in the summer.
"Ryan has been by Josh's side through everything so far, but it will be April who will be
there when he finally learns if the chemotherapy worked," says the writer.
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Pamela / Travis / Rhonda
Pamela finally knows that her husband Travis has not only been having an affair, but
she also knows who his mistress is and hell hath no fury like Pamela Bradshaw
McCarty scorned!

"Now that Pamela knows the truth this storyline takes a turn for just when and how she'll
get her revenge!" smiles Hawkins. "No one crosses Pamela and gets away with it."

Rest assured Travis and Rhonda will get their comeuppance this summer and it kicks
off the next phase of this storyline. "Finally the character of Pamela returns to her
leading female character status - right where she belongs!"