May 2013 - State of the Series

Savvy readers will notice that there hasn't been a new episode of the series published in
almost six weeks. The last episode to be published was "
Episode 166: That Ol' Wind" on
April 6th.

Now series creator and head writer Josh Hawkins opens up about the delay in episode
production, when the next all new episode is expected to be released and what readers
can expect this coming summer!
    Woody Allen is quoted as saying "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans" and the happenings of the last
    several months in my life seem to fit just perfectly. As I have shared recently in January 2013 I had gastric sleeve
    bypass surgery and as a result I was hospitalized for a week in February. I struggled throughout the majority of
    February and into March with the recovery. Just as I was able to get the series back on track - life decided to throw
    me a curve ball. I was offered an opportunity to go back to my home state of Oklahoma. I weighed the pros and cons
    of making such a move and in the end decided it was best for me to return home to be near my family and friends.

    Because of these life changing moves made since January, the citizens of River's Edge have had to suffer and all
    linger on the back burner for far to long! I love writing, I love these characters and I love All Or Nothing - but as we all
    know writing these episode and telling these stories don't pay the bills! I've had to accustom myself to a new lifestyle
    that I'm enjoying both professionally and personally. It's because of these changes that AON went into an unofficial,
    unexpected and unforeseen hiatus.

    The stories may have been delayed - but not forgotten, not in the least! AON is scheduled to return with an all new
    episode on Saturday, June 1st. There will need to be some tweaks, but rest assured there will be twists, turns and
    explanations along the way! So until then catch up on the latest episode "That Ol'Wind" and check out the summer
    previews by clicking here.

    Happy Reading!