The Lives We Live / All Or Nothing Crossover
A look back on the first ever crossover that AON
participated in was in late 2001 with the now
canceled "The Lives We Live" and how it forever
changed the landscape of River's Edge.

The online series of love and hate in a small town
was created by Buffalo, New York native Richard
John Rodriguez who at the time was sixteen years

"Richie and I formed a quick online friendship,"
recalls Hawkins. "We chatted about the online series
community of course about our LWL and AON."

A feature series on the now defunct The Webisodic
announced its conclusion in October 2001.
    Introducing Douglas Richmond Jr. (Represented by Scott Reeves) and Brittany
    O'Keefe Richmond (Represented Then by Jennifer Finnigan) proved to be an
    exciting time for All Or Nothing.

    "As readers well know I am a huge Dallas fan and at the time one of my all-time
    favorite storylines was the April Kidnapping in Paris," says Hawkins of the
    storyline that kicked introduced Douglas and Brittany titled "Charades."

    The storyline involved a woman by the name of Erica Ryan (Represented by
    Nancy St. Alban) who kidnapped Brittany from her honeymoon suite and then
    masquerading around Paris with Douglas as Brittany.

    "Erica's arrival facilitated not only a nemesis for Brittany but when it was revealed
    she was her half-sister and that her plan was to divorce Douglas and take him
    for half of his money, it helped stay true to the original plots in LWL because
    Erica was working with her mother Andrea O'Keefe," says Hawkins.

    After Erica was arrested and the real Brittany made her way to River's Edge both
    Douglas and Brittany began to work their way into the lives of the original cast.

    "Brittany developed a friendship with Dr. Bradley Marshall which is still seen in
    the canvas today," recalls Hawkins.

    Douglas Richmond Jr. however never seemed to take hold and find his footing
    in River's Edge. After Erica's second reign of terror it was revealed that Douglas
    had fathered Erica's daughter - Dinah and that led to the divorce of him and

    "Brittany has always been one of my favorite characters to write for," states
    Hawkins. "If I didn't know better I would think that I created the character

    The character who was first recast with Ashley Jones in 2009 is now
    represented by three-time Emmy award winning Heather Tom and is currently
    engaged in a storyline with her husband Ethan Pierce and friend Dr. Bradley

    "Brittany's issues with conceiving a child has been mentioned as being very
    realistic and I want to keep it that way," the scribe says. And what does he see
    when looking towards the future for the fashion mogul. "It's interesting that you
    mention that," he says with a smile.
Brittany O'Keefe (2010-Present)
Brittany O'Keefe (2001-2006)
Douglas Richmond Jr. (2001-2005)
    AON Fact: Douglas & Brittany's Theme Song: "While You Loved Me" Rascal Flatts
Ryan O'Keefe (2002)
Ryan O'Keefe (2002-2006)
Ryan O'Keefe (2009-Present)
The Many Faces of Ryan O'Keefe
Thad Luckinbill (2002)
Justin Hartley (2002-2006)
John-Paul Lavoisier (2009-Present)

In 2002, following her Paris honeymoon and the ordeal with her half-sister Erica Ryan, Brittany's
younger brother also arrived in town with her former best friend Megan Shirley.

"One of the most interesting things is that I created Erica Ryan never with the intentions of having
Ryan join the canvas," says Hawkins. "It was one of those clever things that seemed to have
worked," he continues. In writing the series he has established that Ryan takes his name from his
mother's former love, Erica's father.

Ryan arrived in town to attend college at Southern Texas University and came with a secret - that
he was gay. "The big difference in my version of Ryan and Richie's original version of Ryan was
that the character wasn't gay in The Lives We Live," Hawkins explains.

"Ryan was originally written as a heterosexual character who had a crush on Megan," the writer
says. However, the Ryan that arrived in the spring of 2002 had changed. "The backstory that I use
for Ryan is originally derived from Episode 013 of The Lives We Live where after Brittany has foiled
her mother's latest attempts at a get-rich-quick scheme Andrea O'Keefe says:

Andrea: "You're right. I'll start on Ryan right away and hopefully he'll do what we say. Then we'll
finally have everything that we've ever wanted and more. First I have to get back on track with Jodi."
Megan Shirley (2002-2003)
Megan Shirley (2003-2006)
Megan Shirley (2009)
Megan Shirley (2009-Present)
The Many Faces of Megan Shirley Holloway
Erin Hershey Presley (2002-2003); Alexa Havins (2003-2006); Amanda Baker
(2009) and Bree Williamson (2009-Present)

Joining Ryan in 2002 was his now best friend Megan Shirley. "In my
mind after Brittany left Watersdale she bonded with Ryan who had a
crush on her," says Hawkins.

Megan Shirley has been represented by four actresses over her
nine year run is now married to attorney and the much older Gregory
Holloway. "We don't know much about Megan's family which is
going to be fun to explore as we dig deeper into the AON canvas,"
continues Hawkins. "Plus she's cemented herself as a definate
force to be reckoned with when she went toe-to-toe with Sharon
Bradshaw," Hawkins smiles.
    Number Three        |        A Double Consolation Prize        |        Episode 128
Newlywed Megan Shirley Holloway wasted no
time in igniting her rivalry with Sharon
Bradshaw. Megan arrived at Sharon's office to
warn her - hands off her husband. It was the
beginning of a classic soap feud when Sharon
delivered the line, "Didn't your mother ever tell
you, don't play games with bitches who play
them better?" And with that it was game on!
    2010 Year in Review: Top Five Moments of the Year - Take a Look at Ryan and Megan in Action
Ex-boyfriends Josh and Ryan came into one
another's orbit thanks to a bartender named
Joey and their breakup was up for discussion.
A drunken kiss led to drunken sex and the
next morning Joshua as Ryan called him
brought up the idea of could they had made it
work. As they fought it was clear the passion
was still alive and apparently so was the spark.
    Number One                |        Valentine's Day sEX                |                Episode 129