The debut series logo created by Bree Perry
featured a country club background playing homage
to one of the very first scenes in the series between
Pamela Bradshaw, Natasha Garrett Bradshaw and
Jodi Bradshaw.

The logo featured Laura Bell Bundy (Jodi), David
Fumero (Jered), Bradley Cole (Bradley), Beth Ehlers
(Brandi), Walt Willey (Andrew) and also appearing in
the debut logo Lauralee Bell who was originally
selected to represent the role of Natasha Garrett

A second log also designed by Bree Perry
continued to feature Lauralee Bell who was
originally selected to represent the role of Natasha.
It also featured Constance Towers (Pamela),
Joshua Morrow (Jaxson) and Jerry verDorn

This logo was never featured on the website
because of the casting decision to replace Lauralee
Bell with Melody Thomas Scott.

"I originally loved the idea of Lauralee Bell
representing Natasha, however I couldn't see her
going head to head with Sharon," recalls Hawkins.
2001 - 2002

The third and final logo designed by Bree Perry
featured Walt Willey and the newly minted Melody
Thomas Scott representing Natasha.

The logo that ran from September 2001 to late 2002
also featured the Houston skyline. Another version
of this logo also paired the actor's pictures together
with the skyline on the opposite side.
2002 - 2003

This logo debuted in late 2002 and for about a year.
It continued to feature the character of Andrew and
Natasha who is considered the premiere
supercouple of AON.

This was also the first logo that featured a water
landmark, referencing the location of the series
River's Edge.
2003 - 2004

This logo was first created in late 2003 and was the
first logo in the series two year-plus run to branch
away from using character images.

The center beach scene/lighthouse scene with the
Texas flag was an effort to provide location of the
series. From the August 2001 debut until
approximately late 2003 the state in which the
series was set had not been revealed.
2004 - 2005

Actor images and the Texas flag gone this 2004
logo would be the first in a series of three that would
feature a lighthouse.

Two versions of the burning sun reflecting on the
water with the faded lighthouse were created. This
remains one of the most beloved logos in the
series history.

Just as the burning sun is one of the most beloved
logos this blue infused 2005 logo may very well be
one of the most hated.

Continuing with the lighthouse theme the logo was
created after hackers attacked the original AON
website and forced a rebuild of the entire site.

"It's a very mixed creation," observes Hawkins. "I
remember the state of mind that I was in when I
created this logo and it reflects a very sad time in my
2005 - 2006

The logo that saw the "Most Daring Storyline" and
the first conclusion of the series this fresh and
vibrant logo captured the beauty of the lighthouse
and the colors simply made it pop.

"While the burning sun is my all time favorite this
logo is a very close second choice," states
Hawkins. "I really took the time to place the floating
titles in the background and fade them in such a
way that it looked classic and timeless."
2009-2010; 2012 - Present

The "Back to the Edge" logo that relaunched the
series in 2009 continues with the tradition of the
lighthouse and begins to incorporate a new
element - the dress. Criticized by fans in the initial
relaunch this logo which is being used once again
for the second relaunch in the fall 2011 is a perfect
blend of elegance, history and pays homage to the
2010 - 2012

The colorful burst with the "O" that debuted in
January 2010 is coming to an end with the fall 2011
relaunch. The colorful burst blended with the black
dress from its predecessor complimented the deep
red color scheme of the website.
The Many Looks of "All Or Nothing"