Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   Where does "All Or Nothing" take place?
    "All Or Nothing" is set in the fictional city at the edge of the
    river, River's Edge, Texas. The city was settled by the
    McIntosh Indians in 1901 and was originally named
    Rivers Edge. Tribal leaders added the apostrophe years
    later making it, "River's" in order to show ownership of
    the edge of the river.

    River's Edge is located 45 miles southeast of Houston
    and 105 miles southwest of College Station.
Q.   Does the series really take it's name from the 2001 O-Town song?
    No. The series was actually named by Bree Perry who in 2001 was writing the webseries "Come Nightfall" served as a
    mentor for me when I first found the genre. She came up with the name for the series.

Q.   Online drama series are often mirrored after current or former daytime soap operas. Which soap opera does "AON"
resemble the most?
    "AON" was originally described as "Guiding Light" meets "All My Children." I try to create a series that has reflections of
    these legendary soap operas that are sadly a dying genre.

Q.   Who is the supercouple of the series?

Q.   How did you create "All Or Nothing?"
    Actually "AON" was not my first creation in the summer of 2001. The first online soap outline that I created on an electric
    typewriter was titled, "Timbercrest Fashion" a rip-off of the CBS Emmy Award winning, "The Bold and the Beautiful."

    "Timbercrest Fashion" was named after a street in the housing addition my brother lived in at the time and was slated to
    revolved around a family readers may now know - the Pierce family.

    After I created the roles of Audrey King Pierce and Suzanne Pierce (readers know her as Savannah Pierce) the roles of
    Dr. Bradley Marshall and Andrew Bradshaw were created. I created their wives (Valerie and Natasha, respectively) and
    from there "All Or Nothing" was born with a working title name of "Bradshaw."

Q.   Are all of the "AON" characters original Josh Hawkins creations?
    No. In fact there have been six characters that I did not create that are currently appearing or have appeared in the series.
    They are the following:

    The fifth character that appeared as a crossover was Gabriella Blake, an original character of Wandering Falls also a
    webseries that took place in Texas. Created by C. Brandon Redding, Gabriella was Kendra's college roommate.

    Finally, the character of Cassandra "Caress" Banning Richmond (now married to Douglas Richmond Jr.) was created by
    a former co-head writer by the name of La Mar Alexander. In creating the character of Caress it was decided she would
    be Natasha's niece and that is how the Banning family was created.

Q.   Has "AON" won any awards?
    Yes. "All Or nothing" was awarded in 2001 from the Webisodic Zine with the Favorite Supporting Female: Pamela
    Bradshaw, Favorite Leading Male Runner-Up: Andrew Bradshaw and Favorite New Series.