Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
"All Or Nothing" presents "Empire State of Mind - A Mini-Series"

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do
Now you're in New York
There streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New York, New York, New York...
    "The truth is I have always wanted to do a mini-series arc like this and just
    haven't had the opportunity," shares series creator Josh Hawkins.

    However, after one-hundred and thirty-eight episodes it appears that the time
    has finally come for the long awaited mini-series titled, "Empire State of Mind."
    Take an inside look with the Hawkins as he previews what's slated to happen
    when we go from River's Edge to New York City for this very special mini-series.
    The Weekly Edge: What is it about this story that makes it so right for the mini-
    series element?

    Hawkins: Well for starters the reason for being in New York City - the fashion
    show and the drama that comes with it.
    The Weekly Edge: Can you preview some of that drama?

    Hawkins: I can. First the wedding of Nicholas and Natasha - clearly it's been something that has been mentioned in
    great detail the last two episode (Episode 137 & Episode 138) and if she'll follow through with the wedding or not.
    And then there's the Patricia drama - that will be fully flushed out.

    The Weekly Edge: Which characters are featured in the mini-series?

    Hawkins: Anyone that has an association to Nicholas and/or Audrey. Doing this mini-series allows me to focus on the
    Pierce dynasty who I consider to be the second family of River's Edge behind the Bradshaw family.

    The Weekly Edge: So all of Nicholas and Audrey's children will be there?

    Hawkins: Absolutely! I was recently watching the August 2007 episodes of One Life to Live where all the Buchanan
    children were in scenes together talking and I have something similar planned for the Pierce siblings, including the
    reintroduction of Lewis Pierce.

    The Weekly Edge: Even Lewis Pierce is going to be in New York City with the family?

    Hawkins: Oh yeah. I'm using this mini-series as the reintroduction of not only Lewis but his best friend - Emily
    Bradshaw, April's daughter. She will also be in New York City and will share scenes with Lewis.

    The Weekly Edge: The next generation of River's Edge!

    Hawkins: Yes indeed.

    The Weekly Edge: Finally, what do you consider the theme of these episodes to be?

    Hawkins: There are so much other things happening during the mini-series. I have over twenty characters in New
    York City for one reason or another. There's going to be love, hate, disappointment, much is going on in
    these episodes it's an exciting time to not only the be the writer of AON but to be a readers as well.
Empire State of Mind - An All Or Nothing Mini-Series Event
Featuring the Following Characters
Sam Clarkson
Represented by Brandon Beemer

Jodi Bradshaw
Represented by Terri Conn

Ryan O'Keefe
Represented by John-Paul Lavoisier

Justin Pierce
Represented by Cameron Mathison

April Bradshaw
Represented by Marcy Rylan

Ethan Pierce
Represented by Trevor St. John

Brittany O'Keefe Pierce
Represented by Heather Tom

Miranda Pierce
Represented by Maura West

Madison Banning
Represented by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood


Audrey King Pierce
Represented by Colleen Zenk
Sabrina Davis Bradshaw
Represented by Rebecca Budig

Felicia Garrett Banning
Represented by Deidre Hall

Patricia King
Represented by Kate Linder

Emily Bradshaw
Represented by Chloë Grace Moretz

Natasha Garrett Banning
Represented by Melody Thomas Scott

Dr. Joshua Marshall
Represented by Eric Sheffer Stevens

Nicholas Pierce
Represented by Jerry verDorn

Lewis Pierce
Represented by Austin Williams

Savannah Pierce
Represented by Laura Wright

and introducing

Warren Spencer
Represented by Laurence Lau
New Character Alert
Meet Warren Spencer
    Warren Spencer arrives on the "All Or Nothing" scene in Episode 139: Empire
    State of Mind, Part One as an editor for the fashion magazine, "Craze" which has
    a strong resemblance to the real life fashion magazine, "Vogue."

    The character who is represented by daytime television icon Laurence Lau the
    character shares a history with leading female character Audrey King Pierce
    (represented by Colleen Zenk) dating back forty-plus years.

    But who exactly is Warren Spencer and what does his arrival mean for Audrey
    and the rest of the "AON" canvas?
Character's Backstory

    Warren Spencer first came into Audrey King's life when she was only seventeen years old and he was twenty. They met
    at Kenneth King's first fashion show on his own label - "King Fashion" and Audrey worked the runway, modeling the
    show stopping final look.

    A junior at the University of California at Berkley at the time of their first meeting, Warren was sent to Los Angeles to write
    a feature article on the launch of Kenneth King's debut line. In 1970, Warren was not only a student and aspiring
    journalist, he was also the roommate of Nicholas Pierce who had came along with Warren for his own selfish reasons -
    to secure a job with King Fashion and to work with Kenneth King.

    Warren and Audrey began a long distance relationship that came to an end in July 1970, when he sent her a letter that
    ended their relationship and thus began her relationship with Nicholas Pierce.

Casting Warren Spencer

    "I have always said that I need to have a vision of the characters that I'm writing," states series creator Josh Hawkins,
    "and Warren was no different."

    The character of Warren Spencer dates back over ten years. "Over the Christmas holidays I went back home and came
    across the Audrey King Pierce portions of my original "AON" bible and there his name was - Warren Spencer," explains

    The "All My Children" actor was not the first actor selected to represent the role however. "I know that it seems almost silly
    to say that I was "casting" the character, but I really look at the actors and think of how they would interact with other
    characters. I take on a very Irna Phillips like approach to my writing," continues Hawkins, "I need to visualize the

New York City & Beyond

    "Although the audience doesn't know much about Warren, they will get the opportunity to learn more and more about
    him," shares Hawkins. Thanks in part to the drama that is slated to unfold in the three part "Empire State of Mind" mini-
    series event.

    "There was a line in a previous episode where Audrey talked about not having loved another man the entire time that she
    was married to Nicholas and subsequently the ten-plus years following their divorce," reminds Hawkins, "well meet
    another man!" With all hell set to break loose in the coming episodes Warren will begin to play an important role in her
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
The Brittany King Collection
King Fashion is proud to exclusively present the Spring 2012
collection - The Brittany King Collection.

Designed by both Audrey King Pierce and Brittany Pierce the
collection features light blue, dark blue and white flowing gowns that
are adorned with jewels. This is the first collection jointly produced by
Audrey and Brittany.
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
Mini-Series Event Preview w/AON Series Creator
    Gregory Holloway        |        January 28, 1964       |        Series History: 2004-2006; 2010-Present
The AON Mini-Series Event "Empire State of Mind" Will Feature the Following Characters...