AON's Series Creator and Head Writer
Josh Hawkins answers some of the most burning
questions in this brand new special feature.
In Episode 125: Winter Wonderland, Sabrina revealed to Natasha that she had received a mysterious letter that
stated the unknown sender was looking forward to seeing Sabrina at the Winterhaven Festival. Once Natasha
had read the entire letter she questioned Sabrina if it could be from a woman named Hannah. Who is Hannah
and will readers ever see her?
The mysterious letter in question was later revealed to have been sent by Gregory Holloway, Sabrina former fiancé
who had left her at the altar the day of their wedding. The mysterious Hannah though has yet to be revealed or
mentioned again. I do in fact know who Hannah is and what she's capable of . Now that Sabrina has finally found
some happiness with Andrew it's a safe bet to assume Hannah will rear her ugly head - sooner rather than later.
In 2006 when AON went on a three-year hiatus April's DID storyline was just getting started. The storyline played
out on the now defunct series "Heart & Soul" and it's been mentioned that her alter Amber resurfaced during
her off-screen engagement to Smoke Fowler.
Will there ever be a revisiting of the DID storyline and will readers ever see Amber in action?
I have always felt that not going forward with the 2006 All Or Nothing / Heart & Soul
crossover was the biggest mistake that I've ever made with the series. That said, what
Allan Craig (Creator of H&S) was able to do with April/Amber, her love interest Josh
Denman and Natasha in his series was remarkable and I applaud him.
To answer the question, this summer I drove from Las Vegas, Nevada to my hometown in Oklahoma
where so much of AON was created and written. During that drive a song played and it hit me that a
revisiting of April/Amber was something that I wanted to do. And although the story hasn't completely
100% come together yet, I do in fact have a good outline of where it will begin, who it will involve and
what the stakes will be. It's going to be a topical storyline that could be considered ripped from the
headlines with my own unique spin on it.
Readers have known since Jillian Malone Marshall's kidnapping and death that she was not her daughter Amy's
biological mother. Rather she was the biological mother of Jodi Lynne Bradshaw. It's also hinted that Valerie
Caldwell also knew the truth about this potentially explosive Bradshaw family secret.
When will the Jodi/Amy baby switch secret be exposed?
The Jodi/Amy baby switch is one of the greatest secrets ever kept in River's Edge! And for
the time being it looks as though it will be kept that way. The Jodi / Amy baby switch
storyline was born very early on in the creative creation of AON. In fact the storyline was
inspired by the
"One Life to Live" story of Jessica and Natalie Buchanan in 2001.
One reason that the secret has yet to surface is that I have never felt it was the right time to tell the
story. Instead I decided to layer the story and by that I mean work Amy Malone into a story wherever
and whenever possible. Such examples: Amy was Jodi's editor in New York City at Random House,
Amy dated April's ex-fiancé Smoke Fowler and most recently her wedding in NYC where Jodi and
Bradley kissed. Yes the story will be told at some point when it makes logical sense to reveal it and
cause everyone's world to come crashing down around and that's not quite yet.
Episode 149: Desperately marked the finale episode for Sharon Logan Bradshaw an original character of the
series. After eleven years on the canvas what was the thought process behind removing her from the canvas
and will readers get to see a glimpse of her life post-River's Edge?
I have always felt thought that all the characters on the canvas, especially those considered "contract characters"
should have or be involved in a story of some capacity. When I relaunched the series in January 2012 I evaluated the
characters and the stories. Unfortunately, Sharon fell victim to lack of a storyline. Deciding to have her cancer return
was a critical storyline point. If we'll see her in the future, well stranger things have happened.
Recasting is nothing new to the soap opera industry on network television, however it seems as though
All Or Nothing has made it an art form. Of the 22 "contract characters" half of them (11) have at some time or
another been recast with another actor or actress to represent the role. Why does AON recast so many
When I first started writing in high school and before AON was ever a thought in my mind I
always pictured actors and actresses in the role. That didn't change when I started writing
AON. One of the things that drew me to the online webseries community was the fact that
so many of the writers loved and respected soap operas.
To say that AON has went through its fair share of recasts over the eight years in product is an
understatement, but the reasoning is the vision that I have of a character at that given time. The most
recent two recasts have included the characters of Ethan Pierce and Dr. Joshua Marshall. For these
two male characters I felt they need for them to give me more. When I envisioned Ethan with Brittany or
Josh with Ryan, I needed to feel further inspired and motivated to write the best stories possible and
so they ended up changing faces if you will.